How Does the Turnaround Time for Background Checks Affect the Hiring Process

How Does the Turnaround Time for Background Checks Affect the Hiring Process

It often takes time to find the right individuals to join your team. Once you find them, you understandably want to roll through the background check and get your candidate to work as soon as possible.

Conducting a thorough background check is a critical step in the hiring process that you cannot skip. This includes employment sanctions check and verification of licenses and other credentials. Your background check provider must complete these checks in a timely and efficient manner.

The speed of completing a background check is crucial to your organization, as it affects your ability to keep the hiring process moving and get new hires on board promptly. In fact, the sooner you complete the background check process, the sooner you can begin the onboarding process.

With that said, it is important that your provider strikes a balance when it comes to speed and precision and not compromise one for the other. A background check done in a timely manner should always ensure that:

  • Important aspects of a person’s history, such as employment history or credentials, are not overlooked.
  • You hire the right person and prevent potential risk to your organization.
  • The screening process filters out certain details that should be left out of a background check report, such as records that are not reportable for employment purposes

It’s understandable that you do not want the background check process to take longer than necessary. Through a comprehensive review of your background screening program with your provider, you can learn how to continually improve the process and ensure efficiency each time.

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