OIG background checks in the healthcare industry

OIG background checks in the healthcare industry

OIG background checks in the healthcare industry

OIG checks are essential in identifying individuals and firms excluded from the healthcare industry. This program reduces the chances of encountering practitioners who are involved in malpractice or exploitation of patients.

About OIG

The OIG (Office of Inspector General) was established in 1976 and entrusted with fighting fraudulent activities, abuse in Medicaid and Medicare, and challenges faced by Health and Human Services (HHS) departments. OIG’s services are also applicable to other HHS programs like the Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. OIG’s objectives are in promoting efficiency, integrity, and effectiveness in all HHS services and its clients’ wellness.

Why should you conduct an OIG screening?

Medicaid and Medicare offer federal funding to healthcare entities. You might need to check if your employees and contractors are excluded from participating in the programs. With the OIG background, you can know the board responsible for disciplinary action, the sanction’s validity, and the reason.

Who should be screened for an OIG search?

Entities and individuals that provide services and products payable by a Federal Health Program should undergo OIG background checks. A healthcare firm should have comprehensive details from the OIG and verify education qualifications and licenses before entering into an agreement with potential employees. Also, background checks should be done on a prospective contractor.

How often should OIG background checks be done?

Standards should necessitate screening. While it would be best to conduct OIG screening before contracting, periodic rescreening is critical as it determines the exclusion status. Conducting background checks every month would be best since the OIG list is updated monthly.

What if your contractor or employee is excluded?

Though the reasons for exclusion vary, mostly a person is excluded because of license issues. You may want to reconsider not signing a contract with a contractor excluded from the OIG.

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