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Our Tax Transcript Retrieval Process from the IRS

Our Tax Transcript Retrieval Process from the IRS


Most banks, legal institutions, tax firms, legal firms and even government agencies can request IRS tax transcripts for various reasons. The retrieval process for tax transcripts can be cumbersome and tedious, involving signing up online, waiting for verification via mail, calling the IRS or a combination of all. Providing a tax transcript is, sometimes, critical to closing a deal on a house, getting a mortgage approved or for immigration purposes. A streamlined, safe yet fast method to getting your tax transcript can solve all these issues.

At 4506-Transcripts.com, we streamline and simplify retrieving the IRS 4506 form process. The team ensures accuracy and quality by performing thorough reviews of client information to expedite retrieving a tax transcript.

Our team of staff is well trained and professional. We standardize our work process into a series of well-organized steps and strive to avoid delays due to rejections. Any surprises resulting from uncertainty or lack of clear direction is removed since our staff knows exactly the information to provide to the IRS.

Our streamlined workflow is organized into the following steps:

1) The client will fill out an informational form and return it to4506-Transcripts.com.
2) A trained professional staff member will review the form for accuracy and request any additional information from the client if something is missing.
3) If the information is accurate, the staff will send it, via fax, to the IRS for screening.
4) For any reason, if the form is rejected, the client and our staff (4506-Transcripts.com) will receive a notification of the rejection.
5) When approved, the client and4506-Transcripts.com will receive a notification of the approval.

Our process is simple, safe and fast. We remove the stress out of the retrieval process for our clients allowing them to focus on taking care of what matters the most to them while we handle the legwork!