Will Traffic Violations Show Up on a Background Check?

Will Traffic Violations Show Up on a Background Check?

Many new jobs require a criminal background check before the hiring process is completed. As an applicant, it is easy to worry about all the potential information such a check could reveal. Traffic violations are an especially common concern, because many people have had them. So do these violations show up on a background check?

In most cases, a minor traffic violation will not show up on a criminal background check. The only violations that would appear are criminal citations for especially grievous offenses, such as leaving the scene of an accident or driving under the influence. More typical violations like speeding or running a red light will not appear on a criminal background check.

While these minor violations don’t appear on a criminal record, they are preserved on your driving record. Most employers are not interested in your driving record and won’t even look at it. Some, however, might check your driving record, especially if driving is going to be a part of the job.

Whether traffic issues affect your job prospects depends on the severity of the violations. A criminal driving offence will be taken just as seriously as any other major infraction by most employers. That is why avoiding traffic crimes is essential to maintaining a clean record. Drunk driving or driving without a license is a criminal offence that could severely hamper your future job opportunities.

Minor infractions will likely only matter if you are applying for a job that involves driving. But even in these industries, the severity of the violation will likely be taken into account in determining your suitability for the job. Infractions are more likely to be forgiven if the incident happened a long time ago. It also works to your advantage if you have already paid any fines related to the violation, information which appears on your driving record. Prompt payment of fines will reflect well on your character and improve your chances.