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4506-Transcripts’ Services

4506-Transcripts’ Services

4506-Transcripts.com offers several services that are sure to give you peace of mind. Dealing with the financial aspect of peoples’ lives carries a high liability. Additionally, identity verification can be a fundamental action in a variety of situations. From hiring an applicant for a job to leasing property to an applicant, taking that extra step can save a lot of potential heart ache.

First and foremost, we try to cater specifically to banks, lenders, brokers, and law agencies in regards to 4506-T requests. These industries carry a high amount of risk as they deal specifically with peoples’ finances. We carry out the process of submitting a 4506-T form to the IRS in order to get information about a client’s tax history. This is used as a method of income verification. Because we are a high volume vendor, we have exceptionally quick results as per our agreement with the IRS. In general when this data is requested from a private entity, the turn around time is 30-60 days. This delay could cause a business unfortunate repercussions as it brings processes to an abrupt halt.

We also process SSA-89 forms with the Social Security Administration (SSA). When one of our clients wants to verify that an applicant’s name matches the social security number that has been provided on an application, an SSA-89 must be submitted to the SSA. Once they have have verified the information as matching, they release the information through their database called the Consent Based Social Security Number Verification network (CBSV). This process may seem easy for anyone to do. However, access to CBSV requires payment of a $5,000 enrollment fee. As we are already enrolled, once the SSA-89 is requested through us, we then pass a simple “yes” or “no” onto you for verification status.

At 4506-Transcripts.com we not only handle the bureaucratic process of filing these forms, but also handle them in a timely manner. It is as simple as registering through our website and creating the requests. Leave the rest to us!