Can companies check your GPA?

Can companies check your GPA?

Can companies check your GPA?

Are you tempted to lie on your resume? If you round up your GPA by a few tenths or fudge a few dates, can anyone even find out? Here’s what you need to know about how your GPA affects finding a job.

Is Your GPA Important for a Job?

Will a potential employer invest the time and money to dig into your college GPA? It depends on the industry. Fortune 500 companies who need hundreds of new hires often use GPAs to quickly filter through thousands of applications. Smaller companies who need applicants with specific skills or work experience are more likely to ignore your GPA and focus on what you can bring to the company.

Background Checks

Federal privacy laws prevent universities from releasing your information, including your grades, to anyone – even your parents – without your permission. A standard background check will not show your grade point average, but that doesn’t mean employers can’t find out the information in other ways. You might be required to submit a transcript or sign a legal release allowing the company to contact your university. Depending on the private company that your potential employer uses for the background check, a surprising amount of information about your education may be available. It’s possible to find out where you went to college and how long you attended classes, so don’t make up a degree you never received or you could end up getting caught.

Consequences of Lying About Your GPA

Imagine writing a great resume, acing your job interview and getting a call saying you’ve been hired – just as soon as you submit your college transcripts. If you lied about your GPA on your resume, expect your job offer to be immediately revoked. Developing a bad reputation can haunt you for decades, especially if you want to work in a tight-knit industry.

Don’t lie about your GPA on your resume. It’s better to simply leave off your GPA than get caught in a lie.