What kind of background check do employers use?

Before making a hire, most employers conduct a background check on the candidate to make sure everything is in order. These checks can range in intensity from a simple verification of a social security number to a detailed and far-encompassing study. Not all companies do the same

What causes a red flag on a background check?

Before making a new hire, many managers put prospective employees through an intensive background check. These reviews usually include a look at a job candidate’s criminal record, credit, drug record, education background, and work history. While nobody’s record is likely to be perfect, certain problems will

Can I Lie About My Education on a Resume?

Fudging Your Education on a Resume Whether it is called lying or just fudging your education on a resume, it is never a good idea to deliberately misrepresent yourself. There are several reasons why:. The job requires a solid education and knowledge related to job duties. Validating education is

Can companies check your GPA?

Can companies check your GPA? Are you tempted to lie on your resume? If you round up your GPA by a few tenths or fudge a few dates, can anyone even find out? Here’s what you need to know about how your GPA affects finding a

Can employers verify education?

Employers typically verify education to find qualified candidates for their organization. The process is necessary so that they can find the right type of applicants to fill specific positions. This is an important step because a lot of professions do need qualified people with unique

Can Employers Verify Your GPA?

You are applying for a job and want to make your resume stand out as much as possible. So you do the unthinkable, you inflate your GPA. What happens next? The ethical side of the coin is that it is the wrong choice. Misrepresenting your qualifications