Can employers verify education?

Can employers verify education?

Employers typically verify education to find qualified candidates for their organization. The process is necessary so that they can find the right type of applicants to fill specific positions. This is an important step because a lot of professions do need qualified people with unique educational backgrounds. In this article, we will explain how employers verify education.

What information can employers get from schools about an employee’s education?

Employers who need to check a person’s education qualifications must follow privacy regulations and rules established by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. They also must make sure that applicants are not falsifying their credentials. There are diploma mills that give out “fake” diplomas to people who pay money for them so it’s always important for a company to be certain that a diploma is real.

Employers are legally able to contact educational institutions to verify the records of former students. They can contact them to inquire about their attendance at the university and if they acquired a degree. Universities typically give employers the information that they need. Employers can also ask for a student’s place of birth and awards.

How do employers verify education information?

Employers typically will use their human resource departments to contact schools to verify an applicant’s educational credentials. Keep in mind that many employers partner with screening services to perform this check. Employee screening companies are very reliable when it comes to acquiring the needed information for an organization.

Employers should also realize that there might be some issues with the employment verification process. They often encounter issues with incomplete and/or inaccurate information. They might not be able to receive any information about an applicant because some institutions only allow former students to access information. Ultimately, an employer can perform an education verification check but they might not always get the results they desire and may need to do additional background screening.