What kind of background check do employers use?

What kind of background check do employers use?

Before making a hire, most employers conduct a background check on the candidate to make sure everything is in order. These checks can range in intensity from a simple verification of a social security number to a detailed and far-encompassing study. Not all companies do the same investigations or check for the same things, but there are certain pieces of information most hiring managers like to take a look at before a prospective hire signs on the dotted line.

Some employers do their own private investigation of candidates without contracting an outside firm. This means they do not have to inform the potential hires, but it also limits the scope of the check to basic measures like calling past employees and checking social media accounts.

Most companies go a step further and hire a third-party screening company to complete a thorough background check on an individual and issue a detailed report. Employers must notify the applicant that such an investigation will take place and receive their expressed permission. If a person is denied a job on account of the report, they are entitled to a copy of the incriminating paperwork.

Background checks can include a wide range of information, from work history to a criminal record and everything in between. Credit ratings, driving records, drug tests, military records, and a presence on a sex offender registry are all likely to appear on a standard background check. More detailed information is sometimes sought, including any history of bankruptcy, medical records, property ownership, and vehicle registrations.

What a particular employer is looking for out of a background check often depends on the type of work involved. A bus company, for example, will be especially concerned with driving records while hiring new drivers. Other companies, on the other hand, might be checking for major criminal offenses without worrying much about anything else. Ultimately, a background check is a tool for companies to make safe, smart hires.