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Do You Need Proof That You Graduated High School?

Do You Need Proof That You Graduated High School?

There is a chance that you might be nervous about the prospect of employers checking to see if you graduated high school when you apply for a job through an educational background check. It is a reasonable thing to wonder about, particularly if you did not get through high school obviously. There is good news on this front though, most employers are not going to check it that closely. We want to explain why and what you should do regardless of if they check.

Most jobs that require only a high school education are not going to bother with doing an educational background check on you. They will likely assume that most people graduate from high school, and depending on the nature of the work, it may not be all that relevant to them that you actually did graduate. If the job you are applying for is a little higher paying or may even require a college degree, then you should have documents ready to back up the fact that you did graduate high school.

For the most part, the potential employer will do the hunting around for documents that can confirm that you graduated from high school, but if you want to help them along with this you can bring in a copy of your diploma. If you have lost or misplaced your copy, the records department at your high school will have one on file for you somewhere. If they don’t have it, then the Department of Education in your area should.

Always be honest on your resume and with those that you interview with. It reflects poorly on you if you come into a potential job lying to your employer. Even if you do manage to slip into the job on a lie, you will likely end up losing that job immediately if the truth comes out at a later date. You would then also lose a solid reference in the process.