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IRS Rejection Messages Are a Reminder to Look Out for Fraud Red Flags

IRS Rejection Messages Are a Reminder to Look Out for Fraud Red Flags

Freddie Mac customers have reported that, a few times, requests submitted through the IRS Form 4506-T have been returned with a rejection code, “Limitations.” These sorts of rejections combat identity fraud and stop unqualified access to taxpayer info.

Rejections of Form 4506-T might indicate red flags like the accuracy of borrowers’ incomes and tax info and / or the SSNs that qualify for loans. Please, for your own good, remember to treat these warnings as seriously as any other fraud warning.

Required for after-funding quality control programs, completing the IRS Form 4506-T is a very important and tried-and-true means of combating mortgage fraud. For further information, examine Section 48.5 of the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide.

To ensure the quality of loans Freddie Mac buys, Sellers and Servicers must take all action to clear red flags often found in fraudulent schemes focused on loan origination. They should become comfortable with the risk of lending money. They must also report any instances of fraud or suspicious activity according to the instructions in Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide Section 7.3 on receiving the rejection message “Limitations” for loans already purchased. Freddie Mac does not need alternative documentation for transcripts refused with this code during post-closing quality control. The following document will help you learn what to look for, how to report fraud or suspicious activity, and preventative steps.

The Financial Fraud Investigation Unit is at the fore of mortgage fraud mitigation. Your efforts toward the same is critical, so thank you for being vigilant.