May 2024 Newsletter

May 2024 Newsletter

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”…Hopefully

There have been a few bumps throughout the economy in April, but we’re hopeful that any turbulence is long gone and the rest of 2024 will be strong. The unemployment rate remains near a historic low at 3.9% and GDP growth, while not stellar, is still positive at +1.6%. Economic activity appears to remain high in businesses of all sizes, but more than ever the quality of hires is crucial. This is why we continue to stress the importance of thorough background checks so that you can ensure that all hiring information is as accurate as possible. More than ever, it is evident that it is challenging to replace talent so making sure that you’re hiring the right person in the first place becomes mission-critical.

We’re almost mid-way through Q2 and although the outlook for the economy is mixed, at best, we know that having great people will help your business navigate through all ups and downs. Will we get “May Flowers”? Of course, but now and then there will be “showers” so ensure that you have the right talent and plan in place. Happy May!

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Important Updates

Impacts Of Los Angeles Court’s Revised Search Procedures On Criminal Background Checks

Key Changes:

  1. Delayed Inquiry into Criminal History: Employers must wait until after extending a conditional job offer to ask about or consider an applicant’s criminal history. This also applies to existing employees in scenarios such as promotions, training, layoffs, or terminations. An important expansion is that the definition of “applicant” now encompasses existing employees being evaluated due to organizational changes in ownership, management, policies or practices.
  2. Transparent Job Advertisements: It’s now prohibited to include statements in job ads that suggest individuals with criminal history won’t be considered. This helps promote inclusivity from the very start of the recruitment process.
  3. Voluntary Disclosure Timing: If an applicant voluntarily discloses their criminal history before receiving a conditional offer, the employer cannot consider this information until after deciding on the offer. This ensures that initial judgments are not swayed by such disclosures.

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News and Hot Topics

Continuing Privacy Headache for Ordering Criminal Background Checks in California

Companies that hire employees and engage independent contractors in California should brace themselves for an even greater slowdown in background checks that include criminal record searches in Los Angeles County. This result is from the drastic impact of the court of appeal’s 2021 opinion in All of Us or None v. Hamrick, which prohibited the Riverside Superior Court from allowing its electronic criminal case index to be searched using an individual’s known date of birth or driver’s license number.

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How the Insurance Industry is Using the Mortgage Slump to Get New Talent

With mortgage rates still at economy-slowing levels, homeowners locked in to low rates are reluctant to refinance, making the housing market grind to a halt. This may be bad news for homebuyers and mortgage bankers, but – there is a silver lining for insurance agencies amidst the property doom and gloom.

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