Rescreening Workers When You Bring Them Back

Rescreening Workers When You Bring Them Back

Rescreening Workers When You Bring Them Back

Employers conduct background checks on new hires to verify that the information the employee provided is factual. Background checks reduce company risks and help ensure the integrity and security of the people working in the organization. These checks should not just be a one-time event at the initial hire. When an employee leaves your organization for whatever reason and later comes back, you should re-screen them.

Screen for Updated Information

Any employee who passes an initial background check and works at that company for any length of time can have things happen during that timeframe that could disqualify them. Conducting interval background checks is a wise practice.  It is important to update a background screen when returning employees to work when they have been gone for over 3 months and especially after COVID reopening.

Screen for Illegal Drug Use

When your company has a random drug screening process, it is a deterrent against illegal drug use for employees who work there. When an employee separates from the organization, that employee is no longer subject to drug tests. However, once that employee returns, they should pass the same drug test required for all employees.

Screen for Process Integrity

Whatever hiring process your organization has for new hires should apply to persons you plan to rehire. That way, you show that you treat all employees the same. Rescreening helps ensure that your company is not open to risk and that it continues to maintain a safe and trusted work environment.

When your company rehires an employee, human resources best practices require rescreening of that worker. Screening the employee eliminates the possibility of having someone working in your organization who does not meet all the qualifications. It also helps to protect your company against risks.

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