Should Your Business Perform a Driving Records Search?

Should Your Business Perform a Driving Records Search?

Should Your Business Perform a Driving Records Search?

Checking your employee’s driving record should be as routine as doing a background check when selecting the right candidate for your company. Just like background checks, an employee’s driving record can change at any time after they have been recruited. This means any negative marks on their driving record, while they are under your payroll, can adversely affect your company. So, you may now be asking yourself, should your business perform a driving records search, and should you make it a routine business practice? The short answer is yes, especially when business travel is an essential part of your business. Here are 3 reasons why.

Protect Your Company

One of the main reasons why employers, like yourself, perform a background search or check on their employees is to protect their company. Performing an employee driver’s record search is also essential to protect your business because your employees represent your company while traveling on company time. Routinely checking your employee’s driving records is important to help avoid lawsuits against your business should an incident occur.

Reduce Business Operating Costs

Another reason why you should routinely perform an employee driving records search is to help reduce business costs. Accidents or traffic violations can occur at any time and anywhere. If your employee incurs a traffic violation or gets into an accident while on company time, then it will likely affect your business’ car insurance premium, which will increase business operating costs. Reduce business operating costs by staying on top of your employee’s driving history.

Meet Compliance

If you run a business that maintains a fleet of vehicles or if your business is in the transportation industry, then you are well aware of all the rigorous regulations you must meet and maintain in order to stay open for business. Performing employee driving records searches and rechecks are essential to staying in compliance with national, state, and local regulations.

The Bottom Line

These are only to mention the top 3 reasons why you should perform an employee driving records checks. Remember, routinely conducting driving records searches will help you protect your company and reduce business operating costs while meeting and maintaining compliance.

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