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What Industries We Target

What Industries We Target

4506-Transcripts.com has vast expertise that covers the expanse of multiple industries. We specifically target those industries where high fidelity is most critical to their success. Risk management, timeliness, wide-ranging investigation, and usable data our are top priorities.

Legal Professionals
This can seem to be a vague category, but the legal industry requires those in practice to have a good working knowledge of their clients’ incomes as well as the landscape of their background. This is critical for a variety of different legal practices. Finances play in integral role in bankruptcy cases, for divorce attorneys, or even if you are simply wanting to establish a complete client profile for a case going forward. 4506-Transcripts.com offers comprehensive public records investigation, background checks, and income verification.

Mortgage Lenders, Banks, and Credit Unions
This industry has an extreme amount of liability. If you happen to get saddled with a client with a less than savory background, that could be burdening yourself with someone that causes problems for the business’s financial well-being. 4506-T offers fraud protection services to help with risk reduction during the loan process. For businesses, simplifying this judicious process saves them not only time, but also costs. Risk triage is an important part of any lending process and we offer extensive plans to ensure the best possible outcomes.

As with any industry, time is of the essence. As an authorized bulk vendor with the IRS, we are ensured priority so our turnaround times stay up to the standard of our clients. This in addition to well informed, accurate briefings are the back bone to our business values. The mystery of a client need not ever be something that plagues the back of your mind. Receiving our services is as east as registering with us, submitting your 4506-T form, then leaving the rest to us.