What is an Education Background Check?

What is an Education Background Check?

In the modern age, achieving a degree has become very common. Most people who have a degree will eventually need an education background check when applying for jobs. It is important to know the purpose and the process of how education background checks work.

What is an education background check?

An education background check is used to verify the training or education for someone applying for a job. Typically, the check will verify the dates of attendance and whether or not the degree was obtained. Most degrees are verified by the Admissions and Records office of the school or institution. Some institutions use third-party companies to verify education, and may or may not charge a fee. This verification is typically titled as an Education Check or Education Background Check.

How long does the verification take?

Most education checks are completed within one to two business days. Some institutions may prefer verification requests via mail, which can also add to the length of the process. Depending on the circumstance, some education checks may take a few weeks or even months to return.

How far back to the verification checks go?

There are many different factors that determine how far back the verification check will go. Education Checks can verify as far back as high school graduation. The actual time period covered in the check depends on the institution’s policy and when the certificate or degree was awarded.

How can you check for an international education?

Education Checks can also verify international education. Typically, the process is similar to a domestic education check. The company or group sends the inquiry to the school or institution requesting the information; however, some schools have policies that prohibit disclosing this information to anyone besides the former student. This can cause a significant delay in the process.