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What is an MVR Background Check?

What is an MVR Background Check?

An MVR background check is a check of a person’s motor vehicle records. It shows a wealth of information about a driver including his or her birth date, height, license restrictions and more. An organization may perform such a check for a variety of reasons. The main reason for an MVR test is employment purposes. Anyone who wants to be a delivery driver must go through an MVR background check. An individual who wants to obtain car insurance may also have to go through an MVR background check. Other situations may require an MVR background check. A car rental application is one of them. The rental company will want to ensure that it’s renting its vehicle to a sound driver. That cuts down on the accident possibility.

What MVR Background Checks Look For

When a company does an MVR background check, it searches for a few things. First, it wants to see how many points the driver has on his or her record. Licenses accumulate points every time a driver receives a conviction for a traffic violation such as speeding, running a red light and so forth. Insurance companies use the information to determine whether they will cover a driver and the amount of the premium if they decide to offer the person the coverage. A car rental company uses the information to approve or deny a person’s application to rent a vehicle. An employer may use the information to deny or approve an application for a driving position.

The MVR background report will usually be quite detailed about the violations, the date of the violations and the number of points the individual received for the violation.