Why your healthcare company should be continuously screening employees

Why your healthcare company should be continuously screening employees

Why your healthcare company should be continuously screening employees

Background checks provide employers with protection from liability and lawsuits. However, they only capture a moment in time. It’s possible for an employee to accrue a criminal charge or be convicted of a pending charge once you’ve already hired them and conducted an initial background check. Here are three reasons why your healthcare company should perform continuous screenings of each employee.

1. Protect Yourself from Loss-of-License Liability

Many healthcare businesses hire people who are required to practice with a license. If their license is suspended or revoked, and they continue to work for you, your business could end up with a liability lawsuit. For example, a pharmacist whose license is revoked could be a large liability for you if they dispense the wrong medication. Ongoing screening for licensing protects your healthcare business from this serious legal issue and maintains compliance with federal and state regulations.

2. Prevent Workplace Harm

Continuous background screening for violent behaviors helps you prevent workplace harm. A person who is charged with or convicted of domestic violence may also act out in the workplace. A person convicted of a violent crime may not be suitable for patient care services. If your healthcare company provides direct patient care services, your clients could be put in harm’s way by an employee with violent tendencies or anger management problems. Real-time alerts for criminal charges and convictions helps you safeguard your employees and patients.

3. Avoid Civil or Criminal Penalties

Your business could face serious civil and criminal penalties if law enforcement discovers that you’re employing an unqualified or banned person. For example, a person who has been convicted of elder abuse is legally disqualified from providing direct patient care. A person who has been convicted of Medicare or Medicaid fraud also can’t perform patient care or billing services. Continuously monitoring your newly hired employees and existing staff allows you to avoid potentially stiff civil and criminal monetary penalties.

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