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Using Testimonials to Grow Your Mortgage Business in 2021

Using Testimonials to Grow Your Mortgage Business in 2021

Using Testimonials to Grow Your Mortgage Business in 2021

Testimonials are one of the most crucial measures of a mortgage business’ ability to grow and attract new customers. In today’s day and age, clients are almost guaranteed to go online and research a business’s reputation before settling on one broker. Reviews and testimonials are the most obvious indicator of that reputation.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to use testimonials to expand your mortgage business in 2021.

Set up profiles on multiple review sites

If you don’t have a page on the most popular review sites, you’re very unlikely to get any useful testimonials. One of the first things any new mortgage business should do is set up their profiles on all the leading review sites, including Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Zillow.

As your reputation gets better, pay attention to any other review sites that your business pops up on, and claim your page ASAP to make sure you can track any new reviews.

Incentivize reviews

Customers are much less likely to be interested in and leave reviews for a company that doesn’t have any reviews already. As a result, you might consider incentivizing reviews with a raffle or other contest. Or, if you prefer to offer many smaller incentives, rather than one large one, offer a $10 gift card to anyone who leaves a review.

This tip is a great way for new mortgage businesses to not only start building their online reputation but also to get lots of exposure. Make sure your customers know you want to hear from them, and eventually you won’t need to incentivize reviews anymore.

Highlight testimonials on your website and social media

Putting some of your best reviews on your homepage is an excellent way to show possible customers that you have a proven record of good customer service. Don’t forget to post your testimonials on social media, so your followers know you’re actively receiving positive feedback.

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