What will show up on a criminal background check?

When business managers implement procedures to gather background check information about potential employees, they get a lot of valuable data. This data is compiled as a report, and everything is structured in specific categories so that business recruiters can pinpoint key background information during the hiring process.

How long does negative employment information stay on your record?

Sometimes we make mistakes either due to a lapse in judgment or immaturity, and unfortunately, our potential employers discover them. Therefore, you may want to know what employers can view in a background check and how long the negative reports remain. Each state varies its retrieval investigation method. There

Can a failed drug test show up on a background check?

When applying for employment, there are multiple different things that could be required by the desired employer before you can receive a proper job offer. Two of the most common requirements are background checks and drug testing. With a background check, employers are able to see any public

What can your old boss say about you in a background check?

If you are currently seeking a new job, your future employer will likely conduct a background check that includes contacting several of the places that you used to work. That being said, you should be aware of what your former employees might say about you. Obviously, if

How long does a background check take?

Not every type of background check is the same. At Private Eyes Background Checks, 90% of the time we average under 48 hours for a complete comprehensive background check. That said, different types of background checks take different amounts of time to complete. The amount

What Questions Can An Employer Ask To Verify Employment History?

Employers, as a whole, hire new employees on a regular basis. Thousands of applications are processed each and every day across the country. For obvious reasons, a given employer wants to hire honest, qualified candidates to fill their openings. An employer needs to take certain

Are You Required to Verify Employment Information?

From time to time, businesses might receive a verification of employment (VOE) request. VOE requests are quite common and may come from various requestors. An individual in charge of human resources often receives these requests. Depending on the size of the company, the HR representative