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Private Eyes Screening Group Inc. announced as preferred vendor for Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents

Private Eyes Screening Group Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive background screening services, was selected as the trusted vendor to handle background checks for the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA). This relationship will enhance security within the insurance industry, ensure all compliance requirements are

Mortgage Fraud

A Guide to Preventing Mortgage Fraud

According to the consumer reporting agency LexisNexis, mortgage fraud costs have increased by 16.2% since 2020. Today, it costs financial institutions roughly $4.23 to address every $1 lost to mortgage fraud. Available data shows mortgage fraud, which refers to illegal activities that loan officers, brokers,

How Lenders Can Use AI for Effective Marketing

AI is drastically changing the way businesses do marketing, and it offers countless benefits for lenders. Whether you need to spruce up your content or create better email offers, there is a sea of artificial intelligence tools at your disposal. Here are five ways loan