Housing Market Analysis 2015

Stepping in the year 2015, we’re on the cusp of witnessing a noticeable shift in the housing market. With a strong tailwind from economic recovery and declining unemployment rates, housing market is heading up for an optimistic start in 2015. Mortgage rates are rising, the

5 Things That Can Stop You from Getting a Second Mortgage

Lenders realize that borrowers are more likely to default on mortgage payments on their second home loan. That’s the reason getting a second mortgage loan approved is always tricky and harder than the first one. But once the lender is convinced that you can afford

A Beginner’s Guide to Open-End Mortgages

In U.S., closed-end mortgages are far more prevalent to open-end mortgages. But it’s not a matter of choice. Most of the people don’t even know that such a thing exists. You may probably have never heard of it, neither were you told by your lender.

Housing Trends in Southern California

Southern California is home to Hollywood, celebrities, beaches and yearlong sunny skies. Do these factors have an effect on home sales in the region? Let’s take a look at the home sales in the area for the month of February. According to a study conducted